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October 14, 2011, 11 pm

Version 1.0 of Plango will not work with iOS 5.  Please update your app to version 2 of Plango.  Plango version 2 has been expanded and includes new features as well as a bug fix for the problem with iOS 5.  It also includes 10 new titles from Champs-Elysées, 4 new French and 2 new each in German, Italian and Spanish. If you are on our email list you will be notified immediately when new titles are added or a new version is available.  You will also know about new versions if you regularly check the list of updates available for your device and you see the Plango icon listed there.

Be sure to read the release notes presented as you update to see all the new features.

Just go to the App Store on your device and tap on the Updates icon in the lower right corner then tap on the Plango icon to update seamlessly.